Modern Transaction Solutions

Credit cards provide little support for many of the business models in the modern economy because of the transaction fees and repudiation charges which has had a negative impact on merchant profitability and are prohibitively expensive for small or micro payments. This has given rise to solutions such as smart cards.

A number of smart card based solutions have emerged which support electronic cash payments over the Internet. A smart card based electronic cash system, in other words, a direct electronic equivalent of cash, is simple to use and provides unique benefits to consumers and merchants transacting over the Internet, Mobile phones and digital television.

AUMec can provide you with a professional consultancy in building and implementing Smart Card solutions.

AUMec is also a member of e-commerce information group, which is the emerging U.K.'s representative body, in e-commerce, dedicated to providing up-to-the minute information on key issues, products and services. AUMec leads the Payment Method and Smart Card Category section.


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