Emerging B2B Market

The emerging B2B electronic commerce market can be described as frictionless, because no faxes, phone calls or paper trails snake back and forth to clog the communication channels.

It is no longer business to business as usual. The cause is Dynamic Trade. Every Web efforts extended traditional trade with reams of accessible product data, 24-hour, seven-day shopping hours and basic customer self-service. Dynamic trade goes much further, enabling companies to create product and service bundles based on consumer preferences and use real-time transaction data to adjust to market changes. Dynamic trade is far more than taking orders on-line. It fundamentally changes how companies view products, production and pricing. As the economy moves to dynamic trade, the emphasis will shift towards delivering such customised services as assisting consumers and managing inventory for business partners.

As on-line purchasing and extended supply chain management take hold, companies will be able to respond and raise or lower prices on a minute-by-minute basis. Tiered pricing models that reward customers for buying on-line or accepting off-peak-hour delivery will become the norm.


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