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Other Areas

Our skill competencies extend to architect of Enterprise related Information Warehouse, Management of technical matters with card scheme for IC card (CHIP), evaluation and implementation of scheme specific CHIP enhancements, implementation and acquiring Cirrus, Plus and Foreign Eurocheque cards in Bank's ATMs and settlement processing. The above outlined knowledge can be utilised in many enterprise environments and schemes e.g.:

  • Setting up Internet Service Provider (ISP) status to facilitate E-Commerce
  • Identifying and establishing Virtual Banks to issue and process credit cards
  • Establishing working alliance with processing centres and bureaus world-wide
  • Locating and installing processing centres globally
  • Providing consultancy and know-how to enterprises to co-brand Visa, MasterCard, etc.
  • Helping enterprises to identify and launch loyalty cards in their country
  • Providing expertise and payment solutions to enterprises wishing to set up virtual on-line casinos
  • Providing project management and facilitating setting up call centres.

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